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About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives around the world by focusing on several core areas:

Nutrition – many people are suffering because they either do not know what good nutrition is or cannot afford it.  We help people achieve optimal nutrition by applied nutrition workshops in which participants not only listen to evidence based lectures but also participate in hands on practical assignments.

Education – we believe that education is much more than getting a degree. There are many who have degrees hanging on their walls without much practical experience.  Our desire is to help people in all areas of life by providing dynamic education events that will help them achieve their highest potential.

Economics – while many people are learning about the importance of physical fitness there is still a lack of understanding when it comes to economic fitness.  The average citizen of the United States has a debt of $47,000 and other countries have similar statistics. That is alarming to us so we want to help people get out of personal debt and enjoy the freedom it brings.

Development – while we work in the United States our mission is global as well.  We want to adapt these powerful principles to help people in other countries as well. Our team is committed to development using best practices.

Sustainability – a project may be easy to start but it is how long it goes on that really makes the difference. Every endeavor we are involved in is carefully selected with the idea of future sustainability.