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Help Save Lives by Drilling Wells

Join us as we partner with ADRA to drill wells and teach about hygiene and sanitation around the world.

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Vietnam Health Education Fund - Target: $25000

This program is focused on training individuals to help promote health education throughout Vietnam. We are also in need of blood pressure cuffs, oximeters, body fat scales or calipers, etc.

India Health Education Fund - Target: $50000

This fund will be used to help equip teams throughout India with Health Expo banners and training to encourage the local communities to adopt healthier habits.

Kenya Health Education Fund - Target: $25000

This fund is specifically designed to equip teams throughout Kenya with health education material, including health expo banners and screening equipment, visual aids, and health literature.

7 Palms Radio - Target: $5000Well Drilling Project - Target: $10000China Health Education Fund - Target: $50000

This project will provide health expo banners to several teams throughout China to encourage people throughout this large country to adopt healthier habits.

Administrative Expenses for 2016 - Target: $18000

We try to keep our administrative expenses very low so we can help people the most. Donating to this category will be used directly to offset these expenses.

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